Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale for Beau & Bien :


Beau & Bien will provide complete and sufficient information about its products and services offered. Upon ordering, Buyer accepts the terms of the conditions of sales as defined by Beau & Bien.
The Conditions of Sales includes all sales made by Beau & Bien to the buyer, for all products and services, i.e transportation


Terms hereafter are defined as follows :
a. « Products »: goods offered by Beau & Bien
b. « Services »: delivery to the addresse which appears on the order form by a transport company that is totally independent of Beau & Bien
This applies when the Buyer requests that Beau & Bien handle delivery of the products

Order and payment

1- The invoice for any sale will be sent by Beau & Bien to the buyer

2- Buyer must pay an advance payment of a minimum of 50% of the total sum due upon reception of the invoice

3- The balance due is to paid upon reception of the Balance Due invoice

4- Beau & Bien sells its products EX-WORKS. Beau & Bien can arrange for the transportation of the Products to the Buyer’s warehouse on quotation

5- Services ordered (i-e transportation) are to be paid at the same time as the Products

6- Beau & Bien is not responsible for the Transportation company’s delivery schedules


1- Invoices will be sent to the Buyer’s address as given on the Order form.

2- Invoices will provide detailed information about the products (range, size, colour) and the quantities ordered. Invoice is established in Euros

3- In case of delays in payment, the unpaid sums will automatically generate interest to be paid to Beau & Bien and starting on the payment due date. Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt will confirm

Order and Procedure
1- Beau & Bien keeps the right to modify product accessories without modifying the original order

2- Beau & Bien guarantees the delivery of orders 90 days at the latest after the original date of delivery as specified on the Order form

3- In case of delays after 90 days of the original date of delivery as specified on the order Form for other reasons outside their reasonable control , buyer has the option of cancellation. Buyer can recover the advance payment from Beau & Bien upon simple request

4- Are considered as act of god, relieving Beau & Bien from its contractual obligation : war, riot, strikes, fires, accidents, natural disasters, the incapacity to be delivered and any other external causes which impede delivery or the supplier’s delivery

5- In case of Buyer’s non-respect of the final payment date and no answer one month after the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, Beau & Bien can cancel the sale and reclaim (recuperate) its products. The advance payment will be kept by Beau & Bien as compensation

6- The buyer must check the condition of the products upon reception

7- In case of damage, and for each delivery, the buyer must note it on the delivery receipt and inform the transportation company within 3 days (except holidays) by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

8- The buyer must inform Beau & Bien


1. Some Beau & Bien products have a one year Warranty. Are not included : damages caused to product by falls, bad processing, bad uses as described on the product warranty notice

Title Retention Clause

1- The exact payment is the global amount received by Beau & Bien from the buyer

2- The buyers guarantees taking all necessary measures to avoid pledge cover, mortgage pledging and abandoning the product during the validity of this title Retention Clause

3- This title Retention Clause does not except the possibility to tranfer the risks to the Client in case of loss, robbery or damage under the Title Retention Clause

This contract shall be governed by French Law. All disputes between the parties will submit to the exclusive competency of the Paris Camber of Trade jurisdiction