Bespoke suspension

Smoon Birdie Light

Smoon Birdie Light is an indoor bespoke chandelier originally composed of birds made of molten glass equipped with a LED system. Each piece are manufactured and hand-cut by a master glass artist, consequently each bird are unique. This chandelier is also available in polyester and Limoges Porcelain.

Moreover, the bespoke Smoon Birdie Light chandelier has a simple aesthetic and bring a poetic touch. Any design of the Smoon Birdie Light chandelier dresses up any space and décor with lightness. Plus, this lighting suspension is durable and powered by a LED system which has a lifelong of at least 10 years. This LED system allows to limit the carbon footprint.

In conclusion, the Smoon Birdie Light chandelier is available in custom-made version chandelier and can be adjustable to any type of décor and any type of space.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to describe your needs.

The Smoon Birdie Light chandeliers are available in different materials and finishes.

To create our chandeliers, we’ve been working with 3 materials: Limoges Porcelain, molten glass and polyester. Likewise, regarding the finishes, we are able to finish the pieces with a desired color.

Création Birdie

Smoon Birdie Light

In conclusion, our creations are designed by our team. Thanks to our concept, the birds suspended and powered by thin electric cables give a light touch and adapt to any décor. Thus, the birds diffuse a perpetual and poetic enlightenment.

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are 100% made in France. We use French know-how in an environmentally responsible way by manufacturing our pieces on demand in order to limit the carbon footprint.