Bespoke chandeliers

Light Skin

The bespoke chandelier Light Skin is unique and smooth like a luminous skin. The modules are juxtaposed to create bespoke chandeliers.

Like a flowing luminous coating, the Light Skin creation dresses up the shapes and goes along with the desires of decoration. We can create endless possibilities of designs like a wave, a “wall jewel” or an illuminating lamp shade. Creativity is the limit.

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are available in bespoke versions and 100% made in France.

Thus, we invite you to discover below some of our Skin creation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to describe your needs.

How to do an undo Skin chandeliers to infinity with simplicity and modernity. The Skin modules are available in white, gold, silver, carbon or any color with a glossy or mat finish. These refined Skin pieces in Limoges Porcelaine have a unique shape. Thus, this bespoke creation adapts to any place, décor and any situation.

Création Light Skin

Light Skin

In conclusion, Light Skin chandeliers are available in bespoke versions and so adjustable to any type of décor et space. Thus, from finishes, color of the cables, color and size of the platform, to the color of the light, all our creations dress up places from which they are intended.

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are 100% made in France. We use French know-how in an environmentally responsible way by manufacturing our pieces on demand in order to limit the carbon footprint.