Bespoke chandeliers


Sylvie Maréchal breaks with the heavy structures of the classic pendant lights to keep only the decorative elements. Like suspended in the air, the Wersailles candlesticks combine French tradition and 21st century technology. Thanks to the intelligent LED technology combined to the detail of French craftsmanship, the bespoke Wersailles chandeliers, all in Limoges porcelain, diffuse a beautiful lighting effect that is both soft and elegant. Thus, Wersailles creations adapt to any location, hotel lobbies, stairwells, shops … Beau & Bien’s chandeliers are available in custom-made versions to create unique creations and 100% made in France. Thus, we invite you to discover below some of our Wersailles creations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to describe your needs.

Custom finishes

Wersailles Classic: this Wersailles bespoke chandelier in Limoges porcelain reinvents with poetry and elegance, the classic style of the french castles.

Wersailles Carbon: finally, everything is consumed, everything is transformed into ash to give birth to carbon, the original material. This is how the Wersailles Carbone collection arises, representing what remains of the splendors of the 18th century exposed to burns and deconstruction

Wersailles Or: The story continues and reinterprets itself. It was then that the 18th century gilding, a signature of sumptuous luxury, remained unalterable. This “gold” touch underlines the whiteness of traditional Limoges porcelain and plays with the delicate shapes of the candle holders to create a surprising contrast.

In conclusion, Wersailles chandeliers are available in bespoke versions and so adjustable to any type of décor et space. Thus, from finishes, color of the cables, color and size of the platform, to the color of the light, all our creations dress up places from which they are intended.

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are 100% made in France. We use French know-how in an environmentally responsible way by manufacturing our pieces on demand in order to limit the carbon footprint.