Bespoke wall sconces and lamps

Beau & Bien proposes its bespoke chandeliers in the form of wall sconces and lamps.

They benefit from the same technological innovations, LED and Limoges porcelain or resin. Their unique design combines both poetic aesthetics and manufacturing quality.

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Our wall sconces and lamps

Beau & Bien offers several bespoke designs: Wersailles wall sconces, Smoon Birds Looking At wall sconces, Rainy wall sconces and the Rainy lamp floors. These 4 wall sconce and lamp floor designs bring a chic and elegant lighting effect. Plus, thanks to the innovative LED technology allied to the details of the French know-how, both the Wersailles wall sconces and the lamp floors Rainy in Limoges porcelain brings a soft and elegant light.  Otherwise, the luminous bar Smoon Birds Looking At in aluminum have an timeless style. Moreover, these decorative and illuminating wall lamps harmoniously diffuse the light and create a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Wall Sconce Wersailles White

Wersailles Wall Sconces

Wall Sconce Blabla

Smoon Birds Looking At Wall Sconces

Rainy Wall Sconces

La Belle et La Bête

Lampadaire Rainy Day

Bespoke Lamp

In conclusion, the wall sconces and lamps are available in bespoke versions, they adapt to any kind of décor and space. Thus, from finishes, color of the cables, to the color of the light, all our creations dress up places from which they are intended.

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are 100% made in France. We use French know-how in an environmentally responsible way by manufacturing our pieces on demand in order to limit the carbon footprint.