Bespoke Tables

Tables in marble

Sylvie Maréchal partners with 2 designers: Brigitte Legendre and Nathalie Ryan, to sign 4 table designs, which will accompany the bespoke chandeliers.

In a very distinct style from one another, they’re named Mille Pieds, Book the table, FRAK-tur and Flower Power.

Everything can be customized: the type of marble, table top size, foot height. The tables are available in bespoke versions.

Each Beau & Bien table has its story. When the Flower Power table takes roots everywhere, the table FRAK-tur by Natalie Ryan illustrates the natural cracks of the Carrara marble in which a wedge of wood was inserted. As for the Millepieds and Book tables, they are in movement. Then, the Millepied table swirls with the rhythm of its 9 feet making forget the weight of the marble. And the table Book finds its vocabulary finds its vocabulary and continues its story page after page.



Mille Pieds

Flower Power

In conclusion, the Beau & Bien tables are available in bespoke versions and can adapt to any décor and any space.