Eco Responsibility

Our low-consumption lighting is innovative, integrating both French craftsmanship and LED technology. Thus, this innovation allows us to suspend in the air illuminated pieces powered by very thin cables that are almost invisible.

We rely on French know-how and on sustainability. Our custom-made chandeliers,  wall sconces and lamps are 100% Made in France. We use French craftsmanship in an eco-responsible manner with only order-made production to limit the carbon footprint.

The LED for less CO2 emissions

French Craftsmanship for less waste

The pieces that make up our chandeliers are handcrafted in artisan workshops in France. We use natural and noble materials such as Limoges porcelain, mouth-blown glass or alabaster. All stages of the design of our chandeliers are done by hand. The pieces in Limoges porcelain, mouth-blown glass, resin or alabaster are made to order by avoiding mass production and reducing the number of waste.