Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the collection or model that suits your space, we can make you a proposition adapted to your needs. Just send us plans / pictures of the area and the general idea of the project, and we will design a project for you.


We have at your disposal installation instructions for all of our collections, in English and in French. You can contact us, and we will send you the installation instructions of your product.


If you want a chandelier that mixes one or several versions of our Wersailles collection (Carbone, Or, White) with the versions of the Louis 15 collection (Or and White) you can contact us, and we will create a unique piece custom-made for you.


We have at your disposal product sheets in English and in French for all of our collections. You will find all the dimensions, specifications and diagrams in these sheets. You can contact us, and we will send you the corresponding product sheet of your product of interest.


If you want to present one of our collections for a project, and you can’t find the images you need, you can contact us. We will send all the images and the necessary information.


All of our collections can be adapted. If you want to change the wire length of our suspensions you can notify us at the time of your order.