Bespoke chandelier :
Le Merveilleux Bronze


Le Merveilleux is a luminous collaboration with the famous century-old bronzer of French art DELISLE.‎

Jean Delisle, the heir, signs with Sylvie Maréchal this marvelous collection between tradition and innovation, between painted steel suspended parts and enlightened Limoges porcelain, between hand-blown glass and LED.‎

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  • Materials : Alabaster, mouth-blown glass, Limoges Porcelain, Bronze
  • Suspension cables : isolated steel wires gold color, silver, bronze, white, black
  • Light source : LED, from 2700°K to 3300°K
  • Dimmable Light
  • Power supply: Input – 100-240 VAC Output 24V.
  • Delivered with integrated LED. The LED cannot be changed by the user.
  • Hand-blown glass ball: ø 4cm, ø 5,7cm, ø 6,7cm
  • Limoges porcelain ball: ø 4cm, ø 5,7cm, ø 6,7cm
  • Suspension platform in Forex with mirror ø 200 cm
  • Cable length: 200 cm

The length of the suspension cables and the size of the platform can be custom made