Bespoke Chandelier :

Wersailles Carbone


Everything is consumed, everything is transformed into ash to give birth to carbon, the original material. This is how the Wersailles Carbone collection arises, representing what remains of the splendors of the 18th century exposed to burns and deconstruction

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  • Materials : Limoges Porcelain, Carbone finish
  • Suspension cables : isolated steel wires (gold, silver, bronze, white, black…)
  • Light Source: LED color white (3300°K, IRC85)
  • Power Supply: Input – 100-240 VAC Output 24V
  • Delivered with integrated LED. The LED cannot be changed by the user.
  • Dimmable light

Candle holder: H 26.5cm x 16cm ø5cm

The length of the electric and suspension cables, the disposition of the pieces and the size of the platform can be custom made according to your needs.