Our Collaborations

Firstly, it is La Maison Henriot which offers Sylvie Maréchal a collaboration to highlight the know-how of the two brands. In order to promote the values ​​that share the creation of lighting and the making of Champagne.

Sylvie Maréchal’s light creations exclusively use innovative LED technology, which she combines with traditional French materials. This desire to look to the future while using the heritage of French Châteaux and the tradition for a 100% French signature resonates for Maison Henriot.

Along with the work of Limoges Porcelain, the making of Champagne is a matter of precision. The respect for the material and for the traditional know-how is as important for Beau & Bien in the manufacture of its chandeliers as  it is for La Maison Henriot in the production of champagne.

The light of Sylvie Maréchal’s creations makes it possible to embellish and sublimate the perfection of the every space. As well as La Maison Henriot is constantly looking for light in order to illuminate the pleasure and reveal the experience. This light is the result of the radiance of Chardonnay, a key grape variety in Maison Henriot blends.

Le Merveilleux  is a wonderful collaboration with the famous French bronzier of more than a century, DELISLE.

Jean Delisle, the heir, signs with Sylvie Maréchal this Marvelous collection between tradition and innovation. But also, between suspended bronze pieces and illuminated Limoges porcelain, between Alabaster and LED.

A collection that is expressed in a classic version in, or in black patinated steel for a more contemporary collection. Always lit by LED and in pure bespoke creation.

To be discovered here Beau&Bien – Le Merveilleux or here Delisle – Le Merveilleux