Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier – La Maison Astor Paris

Place: Paris, France

Date: June 2018

Sylvie Maréchal’s new collaboration with team of the Studio MHNA.. It is at La Maison Astor Paris, little sister of the famous Waldorf Astoria of New York.

Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet responsible for the renovation of this mythical hotel asked Sylvie to create the chandelier that welcomes all visitors from the entrance, as well as the Wersailles Wall Sconces.

To be discovered at La Maison Astor Paris 11 rue d’Astorg 75008 – Paris.

All the Beau&Bien chandeliers and light suspensions can be custom made, for unique creations that can be adapted to all the spaces. Chandeliers for a staircase, chandeliers for an entrance, suspensions for restaurants… everything is possible.

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