Design Actualized Bespoke – Wall of Light

Design Actualized Bespoke - Wall of Light Place: Paris, France Date : October 2019 REQUEST A QUOTE NEW - The Wall of Light : Enlighten decorative patterns thanks to a new technology that allows to deconstruct the light. To be exclusively discovered at our Showroom - Appointments : [...]

Bespoke Chandelier – Le Merveilleux

Bespoke Chandelier - Le Merveilleux Date : October 2018 Request a Quote : Le Merveilleux is a luminous collaboration with the famous century-old bronzer of French art DELISLE. Jean Delisle, the heir, signs with Sylvie Maréchal this marvelous collection between tradition and innovation, between painted steel suspended parts and enlightened [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier – Rainfall Wave

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier – Rainfall Wave in London Request a quote A Bespoke Chandelier like a big wave of rain twisting through the lobby of an entrance of an office building in London, a reminder of its wall decorations... and of London weather! This custom-made pendant lamp is fully LED-lit [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier – The rain of Light

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier - Rainy Day in a Staircase Request à quote The Lighting designer Sylvie Maréchal presents her custom-made chandelier for a staircase. This design suspension made in  Limoges Porcelain and LED lighted represents a rain of light, thick and dense and illuminates this elegant stairwell of the [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier – Météor

Bespoke chandelier - Météor request a quote Meteorites arrive on Earth! Météor the new Beau & Bien bespoke chandelier collection by Sylvie Maréchal that combines mouth blown glass and Limoges Porcelain for a melted and frosty ice effect... As fallen from the sky, these "meteorites" associated with each other can [...]

Design custom-made lusters and suspensions – Rainy Day

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandeliers and Suspensions - Rainy Day request a quote How to create and recreate bespoke chandeliers with simplicity and design or in Art- Déco way ... it is up to you to decide. The bespoke chandelier collection Beau&Bien Rainy Day exists in three different finishes, white, gold and [...]

Design Bespoke Chandelier – Eclats

Design Bespoke Chandelier – Eclats Request a quote Bespoke chandeliers: a unique monumental chandelier lit by LEDs created for a hotel lobby. All chandeliers and suspensions of Beau & Bien are completely customizable to fit any space, entrance hall, staircase, bedroom and dining room. If you have a custom led [...]