Design Actualized Bespoke Luster – Electrorama’s shopping window, Paris

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier - Electrorama's shopping window, Paris request a quote Electrorama Paris Shopping Window: The Limoges Wersailles Porcelain collection is available in a deconstructed version, with three white, gold and carbon finishes. Beau & Bien, Lighting creator and designer since 2005, offers unique creations for all spaces. Suspensions for [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke suspension – Kinetic Installation at Boffi Bains

Design Actualized - Kinetic Suspension at Boffi Bains Request a Quote Bespoke Suspension: Let the birds fly… 40 moving birds form a flock then a spiral… automatically moved by a custom-made machinery. Beau & Bien is able to create all kinds of bespoke chandeliers and custom-made suspensions. The unique [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke luster – Wersailles 91 at Merci

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier - Wersailles 91 Merci Request a quote Photo Credit Merci - Francis Amiand The Wersailles collection completely resized for a custom made suspension perched at 6 meters above the ground, made of 91 suspended candle holders in Limoges Porcelain. Beau&Bien is a specialist in the design and manufacture [...]

Design Actualized Bespoke suspensions – Chalets Bayrou

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier  - Chalets Bayrou request a quote The spirit of candles holder and bespoke chandeliers… a chalet atmosphere in Megève. The Wersailles collection is entirely lit by LEDs and 100% made in France, for unique creations that are installed in the most beautiful places do not hesitate to [...]

Design Actualized Custom-made luster – Ateliers ALLOT

Design Actualized Bespoke Chandelier - Ateliers ALLOT Request a Quote Bespoke Chandelier: Back to tradition: the traditional cabinet maker ALLOT, expert in reproducing Louis 15 style, includes a custom made chandelier to give a modern touch. Beau&Bien designs and manufactures customized chandeliers and custom-made suspensions that can be adapted to any space, our [...]