Chantilly, « la fine fleur des vases » a porcelain drop in which flowers blossom and grow…

 Designed to be suspended as well as to be placed on a table.

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After making the Royal Monceau shine with The Smoon Christmas Tree last December, Sylvie Maréchal has designed a new custom-made creation for the renowned Parisian Palace the Chantilly vase…

“Anne Vitchen, the Royal Monceau’s Artistic floral decoration Director asked us to imagine a unique vase. As our suspended Christmas tree was widely acclaimed the idea of creating a suspended vase came naturally. As did its shape: a drop of water in which flowers blossom and grow” explains Sylvie Marechal.

To hang alone or in a cluster, the Chantilly vase can also be placed alone on a table. It is a vase that has not forgotten to combine the pleasure and the use.

Original in its form and its wide range of purposes, the whipped cream its name evokes, is also unforgettable. Made of white Limoges porcelain this curvaceous and sculptural vase is the cream of the vases!

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Material Limoges Porcelain
Size High 17cm / Diameter 13cm