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Wall of Light

Like a stunning fresco, the Wall of Light creation is a real decor that also illuminates. Thanks to a new wall technology with a BA22 panel, we can create endless decorative wall patterns. This BA22 panel allows us to embed these unique pieces and light them up thanks to this innovative electric system within the panel. Thus, Wall of Light Biride, Wall of Light Rainy and Wall of Light Météor lead us into a sweet and poetic dance. Available in bespoke versions and illuminating. With its uncommon, aesthetic and pure design, his illuminated fresco  brings a poetic and astral touch to any décor.

The designs of this Light Wall collection are available in custom-made versions with the desired quantity of pieces, disposition of the pieces, size of the BA22 panel, light color…

The creations Wall of Light are available in three unique designs:

Light Wall Birdie: a flock of birds for a dazzling poetic fresco. The birds in Limoges Porcelaine, molten glass and polyester illuminate any space.

Light Wall Météor: like a starred wall, the balls in Limoges porcelain and hand-blown glass offer us a splendid astral wall.

Light Wall Rainy: these unique tubes in Limoges porcelain have a simple shape and adapt to any place, décor and situation.

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Wall of Light Birdie

Wall of Light Rainy 

Wall of Light Météor

Our bespoke chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are 100% made in France. We use French know-how in an environmentally responsible way by manufacturing our pieces on demand in order to limit the carbon footprint.